Family time without smartphones, tablets and game consoles

Controlling technology in the home is difficult. Many of us own a phone, a tablet and a laptop; that’s just one adult! I sometimes feel technology can get a little bit out of hand in our house. The TV might be on but everyone has their head buried in their Facebook feed or pulling silly faces on Snapchat. This week I actually contemplated buying a Nokia 3210 just to give myself a break from the world of online shopping and social media. There are a few things that I’m going to do from now on to gain control of technology in the house.


No Tech Tuesday

I’m going to pick one evening per week where I don’t use my phone or computer. This rule can be applied to everyone in the household. Instead of using technology, why not play a board game, go for a walk/cycle or watch a movie with the kids. How often do you watch a movie with the kids without scrolling through your phone at the same time?


No phones at the dinner table

I think this a pretty acceptable rule. It must apply to everyone in the family and the parents must lead by example.


Don’t charge your phone beside the bed

Firstly it can’t be healthy to charge your phone beside your bed. When your phone lights up or you receive a notification you’re tempted to reach over to see if it’s important. Usually it’s someone tagging you in a Facebook post or a snapchat from your friend. The point is, it can wait until the morning.


Setting an example

When your kids see how you use your phone, it becomes the norm and they will copy you eventually. Don’t get me wrong, children should use technology because it is educational and it’s fun but it should be monitored and have a time limit. When you’re with your kids, be present with your kids. They won’t be kids forever and every second counts.



Taking back control of technology use in the home from PDST Technology in Education on Vimeo.



Image Source: Huffington Post