Commercial Vehicle Assumptions

Acceptance Criteria

Your quote is based on the following assumptions. If the following are not true then no quote will be provided.

You & All Drivers:
  – Hold a current valid driving licence, issued in the European Union.
  – Have no non-motoring convictions.
  – Your No Claims Discount or Named Driving experience was earned in Ireland/UK.
  – You are a permanent resident in the Republic of Ireland.
  – Have an occupation that is acceptable to Insurers – refer to list of occupations that warrant referral. 
  – Have no medical condition, physical disability or infirmity not advised to the licensing authority that could affect your ability to drive.
  – Have never had any convictions for any motor offence and no pending prosecutions.
  – Have not been suspended or disqualified from driving at any time.
  – Have not had any motor insurance declined, cancelled or had special terms imposed.
  – Have not been involved in any accident/loss or have had any claims pending or made against you in the last 5 years.

Your Commercial Vehicle:
  – Is only used for carriage of own goods and social, domestic and pleasure purposes and not used for hire or reward.
  – Is normally kept at your home address.
  – Is right hand drive, is not imported, not modified, converted or adapted in any way.
  – Is not a vehicle with fixed seats in the rear other than purpose built crew cab vehicles.
  – Is registered in your or your company name in the Republic of Ireland and the name of the main driver is declared.
  – I confirm the vehicle will not be used for the carriage of toxic, corrosive, explosive or flammable goods.

Note: Quotes are Subject Always to Insurers Terms and Conditions.


Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that in the event of dual occupation or additional part-time occupation both occupations must be acceptable.

  • Dance band musicians/Groups/Disk Jockeys (amateur or professional)
  • Barmen and all Bar Staff
  • Milk/vegetable/coal/fuel/newspaper distributors
  • Journalists and journalistic photographers
  • Dog Trainers
  • Turf Accountants
  • Dealers in scrap metal or waste, cattle, horses, pigs and poultry
  • Mobile food bar proprietors and/or operators
  • Street and market traders
  • Amusement caterers, fairground personnel or persons engaged in gaming and casino businesses
  • Couriers
  • Fashion and photographic models
  • Mobile shop proprietors and traders
  • Motor mechanics, garage employees
  • Students and undergraduates
  • Taxi drivers, hackney drivers, bus and coach drivers
  • Haulage contractors
  • Breakdown/vehicle recovery operators
  • Waste haulage and disposal operators
  • Professional sportsmen and women
  • Horse trainers, grooms, stable hands and jockeys
  • Fast food delivery drivers

The Proposer:

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  • May also be contacted by us via email, text or phone call after the quote process
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