Why would you call Sheridan Insurances?

Car Insurance, no-one enjoys sorting out their car insurance. It’s a lot of work calling different brokers and direct insurers to get the best policy at the best price. We work with over 15 different insurers to give you the best insurance and the best possible price. If you are shopping around for your car insurance this year, you need to look at a few different factor;


The Price

is it competitive. Can you pay by direct debit with the insurer and what are the monthly repayments.


No Claims Bonus

Is it protected? You really need to protect it with Stepback bonus protection or full bonus protection if you have a no claims bonus.


Breakdown cover

Is it included on the policy?


Young Driver 

Do you have a child that you need to add to your policy over the next year? Make sure you tell your insurance advisor. They will put you with an insurer that will allow this cover at a competitive price later in the year.

I think you may know Pamela by now. She is an insurance advisor in our Wexford office. Hear what she has to say about Sheridan Insurances.