Kilkenny Hurler Paul Murphy tells us why he chose his career path

As part of our ‘Hang out with TJ Reid and Paul Murphy series’ we asked Paul Murphy why he decided to join the Army. It’s not very often we speak to someone that works in the army and we’re interested to hear why he decided to choose it as his profession. Paul lines out for the Kilkenny Senior Hurling team and plays an important role within the squad. His military training and dedication must help him make fast paced decisions on the field. Some times people take for granted the training and work ethic that is developed in your profession. The skills that you develop in the workplace can help you to improve and develop other skills regarding your hobbies and vice-versa.

Watch the video below, Paul explains how and why he joined the army. When you watch the video you will see how important it is to be involved in your local community and GAA.