These are our favourites so far

During the recent snowday’s most of us indulged in Netflix marathons because what else is there to do besides snuggling up in a blanket, with a bottle of wine and snacks when your stuck at home for days. Because we are all guilty of Netflix binges let there be bad weather or not, I decided to ask around the office to come up with Sheridan’s hot Netflix hits to give you some inspiration the next time you want to Netflix and chill with a new series.


The Blacklist (American crime thriller)

If you haven’t already discovered the series Blacklist on Netflix you are in a long Netflix binge (I am literally addicted) as this popular show is now into its sixth series (series 5 is coming soon to Netflix). The series is based around a mysterious, clever and brilliant fugitive Raymond Reddington who has turned himself into the FBI to help catch other criminals on the “the blacklist” for his own immunity. However the catch is that Reddington only agrees to work with the FBI agent Elizabeth Keen but us viewers are oblivious to his reasons why. Since Reddington turned himself in Liz’s life has turned been turned upside down and all of us Blacklist followers are waiting in anticipation to discover the reasons behind Reddington’s interest in Liz as the series progress! Every single episode I watch leaves me wanting more spare time to watch more.





If you’re a sucker for a teen drama Riverdale is the series for you as it is compacted with overhanging mystery, love triangles and of course mean girls carry on! Riverdale is based on the characters of a previous teen drama Archie Comics. Although this seems like a girly series a male admitted to me that it is his guilty pleasure after work!! As Archie one of the main characters explores Riverdale, Riverdales wholesome front starts to progressively reveal its secrets as a murder in the town prompts the main characters to investigate the scandals and secrets that have been embedded in the hometown that were meant to hidden forever! Is a must watch for all American tv drama lovers.



Damnation (next on my Netflix watch list)

It is a period drama based in the 1930’s and I have been told that once you start watching it you will get hooked! This show has a familiar face from Irish TV with Killian Scott (better known as Tommy from Love/hate) playing the main character, masquerading as a small town preacher who is ready to inflict vengeance on his fellow parishioners who have been pampered for too long. It is said to be in line with several westerns including Deadwood and Hell on wheels so if any of those series were your cup of tea, Damnation is the series for you! The trailer is a bit too much so I won’t share it on our blog!


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