Step Away From The Petrol Station


Valentine’s Day is not everyones cup of tea but some people love it! You know that if you don’t buy some sort of present you will be in the dog house. We don’t mean to sound ungrateful but if your spending the money anyway, buy something they will appreciate. Let us help you out by telling you what not to buy this Valentines.


Kitchen Utensils

Unless you other half is a budding master chef, please don’t buy them anything for the kitchen. Stop googling nutri-bullets, food mixers or Jamie Oliver salad bowls, it won’t be well received!


Who is the present really for? I think you know the answer….

Petrol Station

If you buy anything in the petrol station, they will know you bought it in the petrol station. It will have last minute Larry written all over it. You don’t want them thinking you don’t care.


Fluffy Teddy

It’s a complete waste of money. What do you do with it? Most people haven’t had a teddy on their bed since they were five years old.


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