These Kilkenny hurlers love their dinners

Who doesn’t look forward to a lovely dinner in the evening? Kilkenny hurlers Paul Murphy and TJ Reid tell us all about their favourite dinner in the video below but we got the conversation going in the Sheridan Insurances offices about our favourite dinners. From healthy eaters to people that just love spuds, we definitely have some inspiration for tonight’s dinner!


Paddy Sheridan

‘My favourite would be a small fillet steak with some new potatoes, peas and a bit of cabbage. And you know where sells lovely steak, Lidl. They aren’t too big and they taste lovely. At this time of the year I love growing my own vegetables at home; lettuce and onions and having them with some new potatoes. I love it, they should be ready to pick in a few weeks.’



My favourite meal would be a burrito but fajitas/enchiladas (just Mexican food really) and lasagna are also in the running. For me, going for food in a fancy restaurant would not be my first preference as I would be happy out going to a Mexican restaurant or a steakhouse that does that kind of food. I don’t why I love Mexican but it’s definitely my go to if I want a treat or a really filling dinner.



‘Eh, Bacon, turnip and spuds. I just love ham; any sort of ham. Cooked ham, boiled ham, any ham. I love it.’



‘Oh don’t ask me that! One of my favourites that i haven’t had in ages would be Steak and kidney pie, coleslaw and chips. It sounds so bad but it’s not one to put in the shopping trolley every week so it’s definitely a winner for me!’


Check our TJ Reid & Paul Murphy’s favourite dinner