Meet Our Recent Insurance Graduates


Wednesday was a very proud day in Sheridan Insurances. We celebrated the graduation of seven members of our team in Greenacres Wexford. The Insurance Institute of Ireland awarded our team with CIP and APA insurance qualifications.

I can’t tell you how excited we were! We understand all the effort that goes into studying and sitting each exam. It’s an incredible achievement and we are proud of each and every one. This means that each Advisor is qualified to advise our customers about an insurance policy that is right for them.

What’s even more exciting is that five graduates recently joined us last year! They took the challenge the passed with flying colours. At Sheridan Insurances our team qualify in the top 2% of Irish insurance graduates.



Why Choose Insurance as a Career?


Earn while you learn

When you work in insurance you can study while you are working. It’s a huge benefit. You are developing a career as you study and you get paid every month. No more looking in the  couch for some change on a Thursday evening!


Room to grow

Insurance is one of the best kept career secrets and we want to change that. In the insurance industry there is so much room for professional development and promotion. Once you are qualified, you are a part of a specialised workforce and will be highly experienced in your line of work.



Everyday we meet or listen to people on the phone. In our case, our clients have been with us for many years. We get to know them and their family. You also work closely with your colleagues and as they study with you, you will have a friend for life.


Protecting What Matters Most

Knowing that you are doing your best for the customer and helping them choose a policy that is right for them is a great feeling. You are protecting them, their family and what matters most.



How To Apply For The Next Academy

The Sheridan Academy is a five step programme to develop a career in insurance. If you would like to work for Sheridan Insurances and be a part of the next academy, apply below.