What Our Customer Said About Colette & The Team


We love a good news story in Sheridan Insurances and this one is particularly nice because a customer sent us a lovely thank you message. You will often hear us talking about how we are different from other brokers and direct insurers and I think the claim story below really shows you why we are different.

This lady had a car accident a number of weeks ago. As we all know, an accident is a very upsetting experience. We understand that this is the moment we need to step in and look after you. We aim to ‘Look Out For You Always’ and we think this shows you what we are willing to do for our customers.


What Our Customer Said After Her Claim

‘We were very happy with the way everything was dealt with. It was our first time making a claim. There was no delay at any time and always very helpful. A big thank you to Christine at reception in Kilkenny. She offered me a cup of tea when I arrived after the accident and Jenny Brennan for offering to get me a lift home. For Colette who rang me to tell me I could contact her at any time.’