We Know What Men Really Want This Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air as we sit and wait to be pleasantly surprised on Valentines Day. Traditionally romantic displays of affection were predominantly carried out my
males but in recent years buying for your hubby or boyfriend has become common practice.

Whilst us ladies are easily charmed with handy last minute treats like chocolates
and flowers, I can imagine my husband’s disappointed face as I arrive home with
a dozen red roses.  He is more likely to respond with “Did you get those on the
joint laser card” than a gush of emotion and appreciation.

With our wallets only recovering from Christmas there is no need to go wild and
spend a fortune. Here at Sheridan HQ we have put together a few quirky gift
ideas for under €29.99


Personalised 6 pack of beer

This is my personal favourite. Log on to www.heineken.com and design your
own 6 pack of beer. Complete with customised backdrops and a personalised
message they are sure to impress. Coming in at €29.99 they’re more bar prices
than off licence prices but the effort and forward thinking is bound to score you
a few brownie points.


A Diesel  Voucher

After much in house market research and throwing 100s of ideas past our IT
manager this is the one that got him the most excited. I kid you not a diesel
voucher. I dare you to try it and share your experience with us!  Personally
I think my hubby would be chuffed.


An Exercise Voucher

If you don’t want to push to the extremity of a diesel voucher try a voucher
for 5 of his favourite exercise classes. Men love useful gifts and you can
also reap the benefits of his toned physique.


A Hamper of all his favourite things

This can contain anything from his favourite hair gel, to chocolate treat to
men’s magazine. Pile them all together in a gift back and hey presto a
personalised, useful and thoughtful gift.


Car Wash, Wax and Valet

Men love clean cars, but very few men love cleaning them.  Take the sting
out of his Saturday afternoon and book the car in for a wash, wax and valet.



image sources: www.menshealth.com