Spice up your week with these tunes

Hands up who wore a Spice girl T-shirt and made up dance routines like a nutter in the sitting room? Yes, we’ve all been there but when the news broke last week that the Spice Girls were promoting their greatest hits, the internet nearly broke. This week it seems that the girls will be releasing tour days for the UK and the US but no sign of any irish visit! We have chosen our top five Spice Girls tunes for our car journey to work. No more tapes guys! We can whip out the CD or just find these songs on Spotify. The one thing I will say is, I just sang along 20 years ago but now I’m actually listening to the lyrics and some of them are a bit raunchy. Honestly, this is the last thing I thought I would be writing about this week!




Say You’ll Be There 

Spice up your life

When 2 become 1





image source: www.brit.co