Happy bank holiday weekend from all of us in INNOVU Insurance! We put together a selection of halloween games to entertain the kids seen as we will all be at home this weekend. Really simple to organise, fun and they won’t hurt your pocket!



1 . Mummy Wrap

Divide the family & friends into teams of two, giving each of them a roll of toilet paper. Once the music starts, one team member must wrap the other from head to toe. Once the ‘mummy’ is completely wrapped, they must race to the finish line!


2. Donut Eating Race

Hang several donuts from a branch or sturdy rod. Blindfold the party goers and have each player try to eat their donut – the first one to finish wins! Great fun and guaranteed messy faces!



3 Apple Bobbing

Probably the most traditional halloween game on this list but it never disappoints! Fill a shallow bucket with water and add some apples! The fun starts straight away but remember, NO HANDS!



4 Ghost Stories

Telling exciting and scary ghost stories can be fun but it will also help makevery hyper kids sit quietly for sometime. Try to be animated and let your imagination make scary stories that will excite and scare all listeners!



5 The Witch’s Cat Treasure Hunt

Our final game is a typical treasure hunt with a twist! Cut out seven or eight cats out of card or paper and write clues as to where the next clue may be. The kids will love searching for clues and treasure along the way. Everyone will wins treats along the way.



We hope you find our suggestions useful. We will be playing some of these games at home with our families. Happy Long Weekend!