Here’s A Few Things To Keep In Mind Today


In case you missed it, TODAY IS THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!! It’s definitely a day for suncream and ice-cream but we will have to wait until 5pm to enjoy the weather. I’m based in our Wexford office so I am lucky enough to have the beach on my doorstep. So if you are hopping in the car to head to the beach or to a family BBQ, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Sun, Sea & Thieves

If you’re heading to the beach or to the park DON’T LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN THE CAR! Please leave them at home.


Car Journeys

Try to avoid a long hot car journey with kids or pets. If you have to travel, make plenty of put stops for water and ice-cream!


Car Seats

Cover your kids car seat with a blanket if you are leaving the car unattended  so it doesn’t burn their legs when you get back to the car.


Watch The Roads

Tar on the road will be really sticky and this will impact your grip on the road so leave extra stopping distance and be extra careful on the bends.


Farm Machinery

Remember the expression “Make hay while the sun shines”? – well every farmer in the country will be out today so watch out for large agri-vehicles on bends and allow extra time on your journey as you are bound to pass a few hard working farmers on the roads today!


Most of all enjoy the day! Forget about the gym and doing to shopping; spend the day outside! Here is a fun summer song for the kids.