Forget The Cheesy Valentine Card, Let’s Keep It Real

Flowers, a card and the same old box of chocolates….. sometimes we just want something with a little more creativity without breaking the bank. It really comes down to the fact that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and we have a few idea’s up our sleeve to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and stress free.


Night In – Dinner For Two

Try cooking something that your other half absolutely loves! Trying a new
recipe might not be a great idea as it could go all wrong! So, keep it simple.
A few candles and a bottle of wine could be the perfect end to a working day
if evening is a complete surprise!


Night Away On A Budget

Really want a night away but don’t want to re-mortgage the house? Why not
try some of the deal websites such as GrabOne or Groupon. Some getaway
breaks can be reduced by nearly 50%! Make sure you read the fine print or
call the hotel in advance to be certain that the deal is right for you. 


Photo Book

This is a great little present to receive on Valentine’s Day. Aldi and
offer an online service which allows you to upload some of your favourite photos
to their website and they will make the book for you! They are reasonably priced
and everyone loves photos of family, kids, holidays and memorable moments.


Mairead’s Valentine Chocolate Brownies

If you don’t already know Mairead, she is our commercial team leader and an
amazing baker! She makes these great chocolate brownies that would be a
perfect treat for Valentine’s day. They are really chocolately and the ingredients
are quite rich but they taste incredible. Check our her recipe here.


Any of the idea’s above should go down a treat with the most important person
in your life. If you do decide to use one for your Valentine’s Day, we hope you
really enjoy your day. Keep an eye out for our Facebook Valentine’s competition.