Parents – The Emotions on the First Day of School



So today is a day of firsts for me; first day writing a blog and my son’s first
ever day of school! I was so good all morning, trying to keep my emotions
together but once I walked back to the car I was a blubbering mess!

This is all so new for me, I hadn’t got a clue about getting ready for school.
Ger had to tell me to go get his books covered because it didn’t even cross
my mind! The school only allows lunchtime treats on Friday so I have to
ask the girls in work what I should give him.

I’m not worried about his teacher or anything like that but I do think about
things like ‘I hope he’s eating his lunch’ or ‘I hope he is making
friends and
isn’t alone during break time’. These are such small things
but when it’s your first child going to school it’s hard not to worry.

When I seen him this morning all set in his new uniform, it just hit me that
he’s not a baby anymore and it’s all starting now..he’s growing up! Although,
he can’t carry his school bag, it’s so heavy for the first day.

So to all parents out there, whether your child is starting junior infants or
first year, I’m sure they will be fine. Sometimes I wonder do we worry more
than the kids. Best wishes to you are your family this week. Try to enjoy it!


I’m going to do my best!