‘Feel Great In 8’ – Fun Days Out With Your Family



‘Feel Great In 8’ is not just about eating better and getting fit. We work long hours
inside and outside the home and it is so important that we get out to spend quality
time with our kids or extended family. The computer and television soaks up too
much of our spare time so we put together a few ideas of how to send your
weekend and feel great with your family and friends.


The Irish National Heritage Park

The Heritage Park in Wexford has a Family Funday this Saturday 4th October.
Simply dispay the National Heritage Park App on your phone to gain free
admission to the park. Its an opportunity to let the kids get some fresh air
and learn about Ireland’s history. The INHP is an award winning park
heritage centre with restaurant and gift shop.


Castle Park

All I can say is that it’s absolutely gorgeous. Kids or no kids it’s a great place to
visit. You can feed the ducks,  bring the kids to the kiddies playground and it’s
a great place to jog and clear your head on a Saturday morning. Across the road
you have the Kilkenny Design Centre which has a fantastic restaurant, so
depending on your budget you can send as much or as little as you want!


Swimming Pool

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think family’s love it. We don’t have the
luxury of a hot climate so it is nice to bring the kids to the pool. Not only do
the kids have a great time but you get a little bit of exercise.


Ballycross Apple Farm

Ballycross has so much to offer for adults and kids. If you haven’t visited the
farm, it’s well worth calling in to see it. You can see lots of different animals
in the courtyard and the field, the kids love it. There’s a beautiful waffle bar, gift
shop and you can also buy their tasty apples and apple juice. It’s an ideal
place to visit around halloween as the kids can purchase and choose their own


Enjoy your weekend and hopefully this gave you a little ‘feel great in 8’ inspiration!

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