Do You Know Someone Who Snapchats While Driving?


Is there anything worse than opening snapchat only to see the front facing camera capture your 12 chins? Well yes there is; People using snap chat whilst driving the car!

Millions of us are addicted to snapchat; it is so entertaining! Personally, I love the filters that change your voices. The majority of people use snapchat responsibly but some others who are too obsessed and take unnecessary risks by using snapchat while driving.

It’s becoming more and more common. I watch footage released on Facebook of people making videos while driving. We regularly see videos made by people involved in accidents that actually show them driving and messing right up to the point of collision and sometimes afterwards too.


Things to Remember

  • If someone sends you a snapchat and they are driving, tell them it’s not safe. They are putting peoples lives at risk including their own.
  • If you are in the car with someone who is using their phone; tell them to stop, your safety is at stake.
  • If a passenger is pushing a driver to go faster for a good video, please stop them. It just isn’t worth the risk.

The next time you consider using your phone while driving or pushing a driver to take a risk to you can make a good snapchat video, think about the devastation that you would leave behind if you were to cause an accident. It isn’t just your lives at stake; it’s the person walking their dog, the family coming home from granny’s house or the child cycling home from training.