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Setting goals for 2018 is something we do in the office. If you dream of buying a new car, starting a pension, starting a family or getting a promotion in work, you need to truly believe that you can make your goal a reality. It most cases, the only thing that stops you from achieving your goals is you. So let’s take a look at how to set goals and achieve them in 2018.



Write down your goals. Be very specific and write down a completion date to achieve them. This works, it really does and CiarĂ¡n always tells us to write down our goals. Pick one notebook that you use each year for goal setting and you will surprise yourself.



Believing that your goals will become reality is so important. Whether it’s travelling around the world or losing weight, you need to believe in yourself. Stick photos of your chosen destination on the fridge, or a photo of yourself at your happiest moment. This will help to make your dream a reality because its in front of you everyday.


Negative words

Change the way you speak and think. Stop yourself from saying ‘I will go travelling sometime’. Instead say ‘I am going travelling in October’. Not only have you changed the sentence to a positive wording, you have also given yourself a goal date.



Do you ever spend time with someone that you like but they just drain you with their negativity? Like attracts like, you don’t need to attract negativity to yourself. Spend time with people that empower you, that care about you and breathe positivity. Did you ever notice that things don’t really change with negative people, they always have something or someone to complain about?


We have created a goal setting template that you can download right here. Download it and make 2018 the best year ever!







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