Make Your Money Go Further

So it’s that time of year again, dark evenings, empty bank accounts and
12 months of hard work in front of you…….The perfect time to plan your
holidays, we all need something to look forward to.

Your annual holiday is probably one of your biggest expenditures for the
year so we all want value for money. Here’s a few tips from the girls in
Sheridan’s HQ on saving money on your holiday……


1. Book your flights well in advance. The closer you get to departure date
the more expensive the flight. We are all avid users of – it
searches all the major airlines and travel sites to get you the
best price on your flight.


2. Consider alternative accomodation. Don’t just go for the easy
option of a star rated hotel.The more stars the more cost. Have a look
at the top 10 lodging options for your destination on trip advisor.
Many smaller spots have better service and better reviews than the
big chains. Once you have decided on your accomodation, shop around
for it online and ensure you are getting the best rate.
Telephone them directly also.


3. Shop smartly when you arrive. Go to your nearest supermarket and
stock up on things like water, fruit, breakfast supplies etc. resorts and
restaurants charge a premium rate for water, it doesn’t take long to rack up
a bill of €10 per day on water alone!


4. Book your airport parking online before you go – rates are
considerably less. Alternatively get the bus to the airport. It’s cheaper,
more relaxing and you get dropped at the door of the airport – no annoying
transfers from carpark to airport.


5. Be well stocked up on snacks and entertainment before you hit
the airport
. The airport is designed  to absorb a huge chunk of your spending
money before you board the plane. Once we step through security we are all in
holiday mode. Between outward and inward journey it is possible to drop  up to
or over a  €100. If you were in Tesco today would you buy a tobelerone?
Probably not. Yet in the airport we can’t get enough of them!!!!


6. Finally, consider your travel insurance options. If you are lucky
enough to travel a few times during the year, maybe an annual multi-trip policy.
We sometimes forget about travel insurance when travelling to the UK. Your
belonging could be stolen in any country so consider your travel insurance options here.

We can talk you through any questions you have, simply request a callback.