Where Will You Be Watching The Rugby?


With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching, and a not so glorious brace of warm-up matches giving our poor manager Joe Schmidt headaches, (we haven’t dropped from 3rd to 6th in the international rankings in a week, have we, shh, tell no one…) Ireland fans need to keep their fingers & toes crossed that we’ll have depth in coverage in all positions across the field. With a sizable amount of our top-flight players, (not pointing at you particularly, Cian Healy, we still believe!) trying to get match fit or shrug off niggles, it’s time to ask, are the fans prepped too. So, do you have coverage?

Insurance might not be the first thing to come to mind while following the Ireland but as the old adage goes, “fail to prepare / prepare to fail”. It can turn what might be a series of unfortunate incidents into a bigger headache than the one Saint Joe has at the moment.

For instance, do you have adequate contents insurance coverage at home? Picture this true story, (names withheld to protect the innocent) it’s the last day of the Six Nations last March, you have your friends over to watch the final three matches, beverages and snacks are bought in. Three teams are still in the running to lift the trophy. Long story short the arm-chair mathematicians have worked out, that it could be Ireland’s day on points difference if the Gods of Rugby smile on us. Going on the score in the final clash between France & England, we’re still in with a chance! There are ten minutes left in the match & the assembled crowd, nerves worse for wear, are screaming at the ref and the host’s German Shepard pup jumps up at the TV knocking it to the ground & shattering the screen.

Seriously looking forward to the rugby over the next few weeks, the tele is fixed to the wall this year!


Claim outcome dependant on the criteria set by individual insurance company not Sheridan Insurances.