The sun is shining so make the most of it and pull the bbqs out! We have put together a few hints and tips to help you make sure that everything runs smoothly at your garden party.


Be food wise:

  • Having a big selection of food is definitely necessary. Make sure not to forget about any friends or family that may be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. Have a variety of foods from burgers and sausages to salads and veggie kebabs.


Stay Tidy:

  • The last thing you want when you have friends over is to have your house in a mess. There are a couple of things you can do to keep your home tidy and avoid unnecessary stress…


  • Keep glassware to a minimum. Try to use plastic, recyclable plates, cups and cutlery, this way you will reduce the chances of an accident happening.


  • Have a bin bag set up somewhere and inform guests to put plates and cups into it when finished to keep the place clutter free.



  • There’s nothing more annoying than being outside, enjoying a summer evening and being eaten alive by mozzy’s and annoying flies. The best trick is to have three or four citronella candles burning nearby, to keep all the flies as far away as possible. You can buy these candles at any hardware store and another bonus is that they actually smell really, really nice!


  • Having a collection of blankets will also come in as useful when you’re freezing cold and huddled around a fire toasting marshmallows, which, no matter what people say, you can never be too old for!

Happy BBQing!!!


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