Who Doesn’t Love An Oul Romantic Story On A Monday

We hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day. To those who got engaged or married over the weekend, Congratulations! Everyone loves a good wedding and engagement story so here are a few of our own.


Story One

Orla worked in Echo in Ross. I dropped in ad for “wanted section” looking for a wife; I knew she was the only one in the office. She opened envelope, read ad, rang me to ensure not a spoof and then said yes (happy days). We’re married 9 years in April (going out 15).


Story two

We (Sinead is my fiancé) had just moved into a new house in December 2014, I had bought the ring around then in advance of Christmas as I was planning to get engaged on Christmas eve or Christmas day. We moved into the house every thing was rosy, but this ring was really on my mind as I was worried she would find it hidden in my closet. We were heading out on Saturday 21st December to a party and meeting up with all our friends and family for dinner etc. so I said I would pop the question earlier that day.

So I went and did the noble thing and asked her parents for permission that morning etc. and all was going ok. Sinead went off to get her hair an make up done for that night while I was at home working up a sweat trying to figure out how I was going to pop the question. I was expecting her back at about 2pm so I had the house all tidy and tree lights on and a few candles burning in the sitting room etc. but Sinead decided to go to town and then call into her parents house where her father nearly ruined the surprise and asked her “is all ok” and was fussing over her.

She eventually came home at about 4pm where at this stage I was a wreck, I sat her down and asked her if she wanted to open one of her Christmas present early, so she obviously jumped at the opportunity. I said close your eyes and I will pick so she did and went down on one knee with the sparkler in hand and asked her, well I think I mumbled something as at this stage I was a bit of a nervous wreck.

Thankfully Sinead said yes and we are getting married 2nd July 2016.


Story Three

I have been through this a “few” times lol most romantic was in Truro Cathedral. He got down on one knee in the centre aisle and proclaimed his undying love. 

I didn’t marry him!


Story Four

I was working in the bank at the time and one of my long standing customer’s says to me “I suppose you’re courtin someone are ya?, I said, “em no, not at the moment” as the track record with men wouldn’t really be one to write home about. So, my customer says to me “I have a right fella for you”, well, of course, my ears pricked up on the excitement of a real live man who may actually find me attractive, so I gave him my business card and told him to tell my prospective suitor to give me a ring and we’ll go for a drink. This all happened Friday afternoon, and all weekend I waited for the phone call and nothing. Dead in the Water. Zilch.

What had happened was my customer didn’t see his brother in law till Monday and it took James two whole days agonising whether to ring me or not. So eventually the fateful phonecall was made and we agreed to meet up in “Kellys on the Corner”, this was the 16th of March, 2005. A couple of weeks later, James whisks me off to Frankfurt for the weekend, and with a few glasses of Prosecco in me I declared “I’d marry you I would”, and that was it, I thought I was making a statement, James took it as a proposal and on the 7th of September 2005, 6 months later we were married, We are married 10 and a half years now, so go on, take that chance, when you know you know!!




Image Source: www.bridalguide.com