Dreaming of a roadtrip for a 99?

As the evenings begin to get that bit longer and that bit warmer, we all feel ourselves stretching for one thing and one thing only…. a lovely, cold 99. Whether its at the beach on a sunny, warm day or in the car on a rainy, miserable day; 99’s will always lift the spirits and have us feeling that little bit more summery.


Here are our favourite places for a 99!


Lick’d ice-cream – Kilmore quay, Co. Wexford

As if Kilmore Quay wasn’t already the ultimate summer destination, throw this ice cream parlour in the mix, and you’re in heaven!! With a massive variety of flavours, shapes and sizes of ice cream to choose from and a perfect Quay front right outside to watch the sunset while enjoying it, there really is no excuse not to try this place out.


Scúp Gelato – Strandfield Business Park, Rosslare Rd, Co. Wexford

This has to be one of Wexford towns best ice cream parlours. Completely homemade natural Irish Gelato served in tubs, cones and take-home boxes. With a huge selection of tasty flavours ranging from a Club Orange flavour to Coconut sorbet. Scúp Gelato is a definite go-to this Summer.


The Parlour – 26 Rose Inn Street, Co. Kilkenny

In the heart of Kilkenny City sits this gem of an Ice-cream parlour. Selling a range of delicious treats including: Speciality coffee, Ice-Creams, Milkshakes, Juices, Smoothies and Indulgent desserts. With a friendly staff to help you with your extremely tough choice of flavours, this place is a family favourite and an ideal summer location.


Scrumdidly’s – St. Kieran’s Street, Gardens, Co. Kilkenny

Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s all in the name…. A brand new addition to St. Kieran’s Street in Co. Kilkenny originally coming from Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, this ice-cream parlour sells a massive variety of tasty ice-creams and delicious desserts. With over 2,400 combinations to fill your Scrummy Tub with, this is a very popular summer spot.


Moe’s Café – The Promenade, Tramore, Waterford

We rush around too much these days, we don’t sit down and just breathe and take in all that is around us. So treat yourself this weekend, drive down to the beach, buy yourself a 99 from Moe’s and just sit. Look out to the sea, clear your head and think “Wow… this really is a good ice-cream”.


The Chocolate Garden of Ireland – Tullow, Carlow

With a passion for Chocolates, Ice-cream and their customers alike, this place is ideal for a Sunday morning adventure with the kids. Making their own chocolate on site, everyday and holding workshops with the master chocolatiers to teach you how to construct and mould the variety of chocolate treats that they make. Selling a huge variety from hand-made chocolates and bars, to premium ice-cream, sorbets and frozen yogurts.


Murphy’s Ice-cream – Dingle, Co. Kerry

In a quiet town with beautiful scenery and gorgeous wildlife…. What more could you want? How about a delicious Kerry-made ice-cream to satisfy your heart and taste buds? This company is all about the real thing. No substitutes, no preservatives and nothing artificial whatsoever. Being so original that they even make their own chocolate chips and boil down Dingle sea water to make their own Sea salt. If visiting Kerry over a weekend or even over the Summer.


Image source: twitter.com