Pack the car with the essentials for your camping trip

It’s starting to look a little bit like Summer and we have some serious campers in our team. They love packing the car with their kids and setting off to Wicklow and further a field to camp for the weekend. I’ve camped a few times and I love it because it’s just you and the outdoors. Forget the phone, the computer and just have a good time hiking, canoeing and enjoying yourself. This is our camping checklist. Pack these in the car because they really are the essentials. 


Sleeping bags

These are an obvious necessity for camping whether with family, friends or going solo. Keeping you cosy and comfortable on the cold nights of camping.


No matter how much you convince yourself you’re not scared of the dark, if you’re up the mountains, or in a forest camping, you always will be. So come prepared!!!

Sunscreen and Bug spray

Protecting your skin from sun and bugs should be high on your priority list while camping. Apply both in the morning and more bug spray at night and you’re good to go.


Whether you’re hiking, fishing or just wandering the countryside it’s a guarantee that you’ll need to keep a stock on deodorant with you.

Toilet Paper

When camping you’ll be lucky to even find an actual toilet, let alone toilet paper. So make sure to have a good supply of toilet paper while on your trip.


We would all hope that with “The luck of the Irish”, the rain might just hold off while you’re away on your camping trip… but sometimes life just isn’t that kind! So pick up some raingear before you set off.

First Aid Kit

We would all hope that when we are away camping that we’d stay out of trouble or injury but either way; pack a first aid kit in your car so you’re prepared for any outcome.


When camping in Ireland, whether it’s in Summer or Winter, the nights while undoubtedly be very cold. So it’s best to have a cosy fire to sit by, roast some marshmallows and tell a few scary stories!!

Cards/ Board games

However, it won’t be long before the kids get sick of the scary stories and look for something more interesting to do. Bring a pack of cards along with you to keep everyone entertained.

Extra Warm Clothing

The last thing you want when camping is to be cold and miserable, or worse, have a cold and miserable child…. So come prepared with plenty of extra warm clothes.