A Great Evening Cycling Around Kilkenny City

kk cycle wp

Yesterday evening the Kilkenny office took part in a cycle treasure hunt around Kilkenny. We booked it with Jason in ‘Kilkenny Cycling Tours‘ and it was great craic. We teamed up in groups of three people and we had two hours to find clues around Kilkenny city. A few of us were a little nervous because we hadn’t cycled a bike since we were kids. On the other hand, we had the ‘pro cyclist’ Ciaran that turned up with his own bike!

Jason gives you the hi-is vest, helmet and bike so a raincoat is possibly the only item you will need. I’d recommend to bring a jacket with a zip so you can bring your phone with you to take a few pictures. For the treasure hunt tour you don’t get a tour guide but the map is really easy to follow. if you want a  tour with a tour guide, Jason is really helpful and will organise it for you.

I teamed up with Lorraine and Fiona and we took it handy cycling around the city. The tour takes you through the side streets of Kilkenny where you spot incredible little pubs and restaurants. The guys in Kytelers Inn helped us out with a few clues, we appreciated the help!

We spent most of the time laughing and trying to concentrate on cycling in a straight line. In the beginning, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so much fun that I would definitely do it again. If you want to see Kilkenny city or you want to organise something a little different for a hen party this is a great idea. It’s not a competition, just a great way to see some of the hidden treasures of Kilkenny.