So we know we should all be doing, we all mean to do it but how hard is it to
get off the couch and just do it? January is a month full of good intentions
but actually leaving the house and joining an exercise class is a much more
daunting task than thinking of doing it. The first question is what should
I do? Over a coffee in the tea room in January, whilst digging into some
fresh cream dohnuts the topic of conversation turned to exercise classes
 and between us all we had a very comprehensive knowledge –
Check out our reviews of some of the top exercise options for 2014. 


Alan, Commercial Executive reviews Cross Fit
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving,
among other things, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance,
and flexibility. It advocates a changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics
(body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting.  Hour-long classes at
associated crossfit gyms, typically include a warm-up, a skill development
segment, the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD), and a period
of individual or group stretching. My first impression of crossfit was
“madness” I had looked it up online and saw some of the workouts and
what some guys were doing, but then once I gave it a go I was instantly
hooked, I would go to your mainstream gyms and try and do weights and
burpees etc. but it was always laboured and boring and time consuming
now I fit a full workout and do more reps in a shorter time.

I have been doing crossfit since November and feel my overall strength,
conditioning and core is constantly improving, I would hope to keep
crossfit up as it is integral part of fitness that I would have otherwise


Laura, Marketing Manager reviews TRX
TRX is essentially using your own body weight to train. You use suspension
straps to hold your own weight whilst preforming exercises. When I
arrived for my first class the first thing that went through my mind was
“50 Shades of Grey” People were hanging out of black straps in various
positions. On initial glance the exercises look quite manageable; I wondered
why everyone looked so distressed until I tried it myself. Almost every
exercise in TRX works your core and although I was quiet fit I did not have
any core strength. I worked muscles I never knew I had and was aching
the next day. 7 months on and I am a believer. For those with busy
schedules but who want results it is a great class. It changes every week
so there is always a challenge. You can start with no fitness level and most
exercises have 3 levels so you can take it slowly at the beginning and then
increase as your fitness does.


Aoife, Online Project Manager reviews Punch Fit
I joined punchfit because I tried Zumba and I found that it didn’t work for
me. My goal was to walk into a clothes shop and know that I could wear
whatever wanted, I didn’t want weight to be an issue. Punchfit is definitely
helping me reach my goal. I train two-three times a week and we have a
weekly routine. Monday is cardio class, we race against the clock to
complete as many squats, sit-ups, burpees, press ups etc. (This is a killer
but it definitely burns calories). Wednesday and Friday is dead weight
lifting, sparring and pad work. This is the class for you if you want to tone
up, lose the cellulite and get fit. The class is female only and we learn to
defend ourselves and push your body to the limit. It’s a great group of
girls that encourage and motivation each other.


Tina, Personal Insurance Advisor reviews Exercise DVD’s
With three kids and a different schedule  every day its very difficult to get
out of the house to get to an exercise class yet I wanted to get fit. I spoke
to a lot of the girls here and our personal favorite is Nell McAndrew’s
Ultimate Challenge.
 The presenter is very important. Having invested
in two of Davina McCalls I ended up almost throwing it out the window half
way through as she was so annoying!!! Nell’s DVD was instructed by a
professional trainer. She was part of the class. It’s a great incentive when
you see her sweating and struggling with squats rather than preaching at
you from the top of the class about how great she is. The DVD  is very
tough there are options to bail out through out, so you can start at whatever
level you like and work your way up. It has a series of aerobic exercises
with intermitten squats….a lot of squats!!!! If you are looking for an
effective DVD  that will tone your entire body and increase your fitness
this is for you. Ideally you would need to do it three times a week, and
doing it means keeping up and not just watching it!!!