Going on a plane with your kids this Summer?

Usually when a family are going on a holiday the parents have stormed through Penneys trying to pick up clothes..for the kids. Why do we always leave ourselves until the very last minute. The bikini’s are all gone in your size and you have spent an absolute fortune on sun cream! However, you don’t really care because you are about to spend a well deserved week in glorious sunshine. Pack the car, travel to the airport and board that plane!

A two hour plane trip can be quite tedious with young kids. It’s so important to be well prepared so you enjoy a quiet plane journey to your exotic destination.


We have some great ideas for you & your kids



Netflix now have a feature that allows you to download some series or movies to your device so you can watch them offline. Not every movie or series is available but there is a good selection and all you need to do is click the download button. Sit down this evening when the kids are gone to bed and download some of their favourites. 


Colour with us

We have designed a colouring airplane ticket for your kids to bring on the plane. Make sure you pack the crayons! We think if you print off a stack of these it could keep them interested for some of the flight. Simply click the blue download button.



Finger puppets

If your kids are quite young, finger puppets should give them a good giggle on the plane. You can make up stories or follow their favourite storybook while using the puppets. Encourage the kids to make their own little stories with the puppets and they could also draw their new story on a page. 



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image source: blog.radissonblu.de