Our Feel Great In 8 Nutritionist Has The Answers


Hi Guys, this is my last video for the ‘Feel Great in 8’ challenge. Next week
will be the last week of the challenge! I hope you found some of my tips
and recipes helpful over the last seven weeks. I have watched the Sheridan
crew make a lot of happy and healthy changes to their lifestyle. So my last blog
is about how to combat bloating.

Bloating occurs when the stomach feels uncomfortably full and may be visibly
swollen. There can be many causes of bloating which include irritable bowel
syndrome, weight gain constipation and some medications etc.

Most common foods that can cause bloating include highly processed foods,
foods that contain alot of salt, high starchy carbohydate foods, dairy products
and fizzy drinks. If you experiance bloating, making simple changes to your
lifestyle by limiting the foods mentioned may help to prevent or even stop
the symptoms of bloating.


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