Handy Home-made Burgers To Keep The Family Happy


When you want to be healthy but you are fed up of making the same old dinner, it’s definitely time for a change. Last night  at my house I made Apple and Almond turkey burgers. It’s really simple to make and they taste really good! I think I surprised everyone at home because they weren’t expecting them to taste so good.


  • 450g Turkey mince
  • 1/2 Medium apple grated
  •  50g roughly chopped almonds
  • 1/2 beaten egg
  • 1/2 tsp chilli powder
  • salt & pepper


I made six chunky turkey burgers out of this recipe but you can make them smaller if you wish.

  • Grate the apple into a mixing bowl.
  • Mix in the chopped nuts and turkey mince.
  • Add in the chilli powder, salt, pepper and beaten egg to the mixture. I found it much easier to mix this with my hand.
  • Heat up your frying pan and coat the pan in coconut oil. (you can use any oil)
  • When the pan is hot, take the a large spoonful of the mixture and make it in to a burger shape. Fry it on the pan until the outside of the burger is golden brown. Repeat this until you use up your mixture.
  • Once all burgers are golden brown on the outside, place them on an oven tray and put them in the over at 180 degrees fan oven for 20 minutes.

I mashed Avocado into the top on the turkey burger and it was gorgeous. My house was full of people last night so the whole family had a taste. You can add different ingredient to suit your taste ;onions and sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, breadcrumbs and more!