Don’t Forget To Pack These For Electric Picnic


For all you lucky people heading to Electric Picnic this weekend, our fingers and toes are crossed for a tiny bit sunny weather. We’re sure you are stalking your weather apps at this stage and packing all your festival essentials in preparation for the action packed weekend!

With all the excitement of wellies, hair accessories, baby wipes and tents, it is easy to forget some of the essentials.


Spare Bottle Caps

If you are bringing a drink (alcoholic or not) into the arena, the caps are usually taken from your bottle so put an extra one in your pocket otherwise you will have to down your drink!



Try sharing a mirror or two with your group of friends. That way you can create the crazy festival hair and make up looks that are on trend instead of looking like Halloween make up gone wrong. Bring the waterproof mascara!


Re-Seal Sandwich Bags

These are brilliant for keeping your phone and valuables dry and can easily fit into your backpack, handbag or bumbag.


Comfortable Boots & Warm Jumper

Remember you will be doing a LOT of walking and dancing. Waterproof, comfortable footwear is the ultimate essential for any festival goer. Get some extra insoles to put in your wellies and boots and make sure to have plenty of comfortable socks with you too.

It also gets quite cold at night time so pack a jumper!

Ponchos Ponchos Ponchos

Is there anything more uncomfortable than being wet through to the skin and not being able to do anything about it?! Try putting a poncho on over your top/jumper, then a rain jacket and then another poncho for the ultimate protection from any water seeping in.

Last but not least, don’t over pack your car or van. If you don’t need it don’t bring it! Don’t leave anything in your car/van no matter how little its value. The last thing you will need after 3 days of madness is to find your car/van has been broken into!

Electric Picnic have created a great essentials checklist that you can view here. Have the best time!


image source: rte presspack