Great movies to get the kids in Halloween mode

When you think about all the great Halloween movies we watched as kids, what comes to mind?  I had Hocus Pocus on video and we watched it over and over again. There is something lovely about sitting down with the kids to watch a movie, especially when it’s a movie you loved as a kid yourself! On the other hand, it’s lovely to have a bit of piece and quite at home while they are glued to the TV. Some of these movies are available to watch on youtube if you can’t find it online. I doubt my video will stil work!





Cheesy Halloween movie but I would still sit down and watch this. It reminds me of a modern version of the old school TV programme B’witched.




Hocus Pocus 

I can’t wait to watch this next week! I still love it.




An oldie but a goodie, there are so many great characters in this film and the interior of the house is still incredible 20 years later. 




The Addams Family 

This is not my favourite movie but I’m sure some people love it.




I don’t remember this movie but the younger kids on the block in Sheridan HQ tell me it was a great one especially if you loved the Disney channel as a kid



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