Keep The Family Entertained This Halloween Holiday


‘When Witches Go Riding & Back Cats Are Seen,
The Moon Laughs 
and Whispers
‘Tis Near Halloween’

There is nothing like a few haunting Halloween movies to scare the living
daylights out of you  at home this week. But, we’re not in the business of scaring you
so we just choose a few of our favourite Halloween and magical films. I chose
a few new movies and a few older movies for a trip down memory lane. Its
amazing how films have changed and developed. Hocus Pocus is 23 years old!


‘Hocus Pocus

This is one of my favourite Halloween films, it looks quite dated now but it
never fails to entertain. It’s quite a classic Halloween storyline It’s an oldie
but a goodie.




‘The Goonies’


 ‘Nanny McPhee’



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