It’s Finally On The Tele Tonight! 



I have just got off the phone from Anne in Loftus Hall and believe me, prepare to be shakin’ in your boots! Finally, we get a chance to see the Ghost Adventures Crew in action in our World famous Loftus Hall. We are big supporters of Loftus Hall in Sheridan HQ and  quite a few of us will be tuning in to the spine tingling documentary on ‘Really‘ channel 155 on Sky.

In this episode, Zak, Nick and Aaron visit the haunted house in Wexford to monitor the paranormal activity on site. Aidan Quigley, the owner of Loftus Hall looks a little on edge in the episode as he tells the guys why he rarely ventures up the stairs in Loftus Hall. In the video below, you can see a clip of the Ghost Adventures blog.

Anne from Loftus Hall told us that TV3, Gordon Haydon and the Irish Ghost Hunting Team also paid a visit last weekend. They filmed some footage and monitored the paranormal activity to produce a show for TV3. It will hopefully be on our screens this Halloween.

Loftus hall is set to re-open on the 28th March. The paranormal lockdown experiences are completely booked up and the Night Fall Tours are extremely popular. Loftus Hall describe it as ‘Telling Ghost Stories in Candlelight’ and you have a tour guide. Even if you are not into the haunted stuff, Loftus Hall is a fantastic place to visit at the weekend. It has a brand new coffee shop and it’s so close to the Hook Lighthouse if you decide to go for a walk.

As a local Wexford business we wish Loftus Hall all the best this year. It should be a very interesting documentary tonight guys. If you can handle the scare, don’t miss it!


Really, Sky Channel 155, 9pm