Ciaran Sheridan Tells Us About His Favourite App

cycling app

This is my first blog and I thought the ‘Feel Great In 8’ challenge was the perfect opportunity to tell you about how I changed my lifestyle by challenging myself
through cycling. A year ago, I joined a group of  friends on a cycling trip and
I’ve been hooked ever since. I tried running, rugby etc but they are both high
impact sports and my knee started to give me trouble. Cycling sounded like
the next best option.

I started out on a mountain bike; it was grand but I obviously couldn’t keep up
with the group that were using racer bikes. The mountain bike was heavy and it
couldn’t build up the speed like a racer. I also needed to improve my fitness
level over time. Now, I use a racer and I try to complete a 70km cycle twice a week.

I spend so much time taking part in cycles and charity cycling events, I now rely
on two phone apps. My weather app and a cycling app called ‘Strava’. It can be
used for cycling or running. One of my friends recommended it to me and now
I use it for every cycle.


Why Do I think It’s A Great App?

  • It records every cycle so you can see how you are improving, it measures the distance travelled, speed etc.
  • The map is really good quality. I can zoom in and see exactly where I travelled. It even shows me the coffee shop I stopped in.
  • You have your own profile so people can leave you comments. I met a few people on Tour De Leinster and they left a few comments after the cycle.
  • I turn on the app when I leave the house to setup my bike, but it actually doesn’t start recording until I begin cycling on the road.

Cycling is a great way to exercise and see some of Ireland scenic landscape. Without a doubt, it helps to clear your head and it’s great to get out with a cycling group or a group of friends. If your thinking of getting a bike, why not ask your employer about the bike to work scheme? We use the scheme in our offices and it makes a new bike more affordable.

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