Mary’sĀ Advice On Starting the Camino


When you first hear about the Camino, a thought that comes to mind is that I must do that some day. Well my advice is to go sooner rather than later because you will love it. I started with my friend Martina 3 years ago in St Jean Pied de Port, walked for five days and flew home. Two years ago we started where we left off, walked for another five days and flew home, the same last year. This year, fingers crossed come May we will do the same again. I reckon we will reach Santiago (753km) in another two years & may have to start all over again by then!

We organise our own trips, carry our rucksacks and sleep in the Albergues (Hostels). It’s the cheapest way of doing it and great fun. We have met the most amazing people and stayed in all sorts of places (but that’s a whole different blog) and yes we do spend a lot of time travelling on buses and trains to get to our destinations each year but it’s all part of our adventure.
I source a huge amount of information by joining The Camino de Santiago Forum online. Just key up your question or query and there is always someone who will answer it and guide you. There are Travel Agencies (Map Travel, Abbey Travel, Caminoways & MacAdventures) who will organise everything for you if that’s the way you wish to travel.

Advice on what to pack

The best advice I can give you is lay it all out on the floor and divide by half. If you are carrying it yourself, divide it again and again. You will be surprised how little you need and you can wash your clothes along the way. The best thing I pack is my journal- you really will want to write it all down – Buen Camino.