With Electric Picnic just days away, you want to make sure that you have your car packed with all the essentials for the weekend. We have put together a checklist to help ensure you don’t forget anything important, if it’s your first festival or if your a regular it’s always good to have a checklist on hand when packing your bags and car. 


Your tickets…. I’d hope this would be your first priority! Somebody is definitely going to forget their ticket.



Your ID, for confirmation of ticket and age. We wouldn’t recommend bringing your passport


Power Bank

There’s nothing more terrifying than being at a festival for a weekend and having no charge on your phone, even worse when you can’t find your friends, so do the safe thing and invest in a power bank.



Also be sure to bring a large water-bottle that you can refill to keep your hydration up in the, what we can only hope will be very sunny, warm weather.



We must always be wary of the rain in this country even if the sun is splitting the rocks. Keep some waterproof ponchos, plenty of raincoats and a pair of wellies in your car to ensure you’re safe from the rain. A warm hoodie will also be handy to have on a September evening. Blankets will also do the trick, bring a pile in the car and share them around the group.



Plenty of deodorant will be necessary after hours of dancing, but make sure it is under 250 ml if it’s an aerosol or it will be confiscated!! A bottle of dry shampoo is also a must to have you looking and feeling fresh. Baby wipes are very important as they have many purposes from cleaning your face and body to taking marks off your clothes and shoes. If you’re planning on bringing perfume make sure the bottle is under 100ml too.

Definitely bring blister plasters, even if you’re sure the shoes you have picked to bring with you are comfortable, after a whole day of dancing and walking around, your feet are guaranteed to need some cushioning. Sunscreen is another necessity that you will need when the sun shines. 


Plastic Bags

When you are living in a tent for a weekend and if it rains you will be so happy that you brought a roll of plastic bags. They will come in so handy for keeping your wet clothes away from your next clean dry clothes and also for collecting bottles and rubbish.


Please drive safely and responsibly to the festival and have fun!


Image source: pexels.com