So it’s that time of year, Christmas Party time….. The office is awash with chitter
chatter of dresses and make up tips, there is a distinct smell of fake tan wafting
through the building and that’s just from the guy’s! As we prepare for out night
filled with baubles, booze and of course the boss. We have complied our 
favourite Do’s and Don’ts of the office Christmas Party. 


The Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do make an effort. Think stylish rather than sexy. Too much flesh can leave
    everyone feeling uncomfortable!

  • Do socialise. It’s one of the few occasions we get to mix with other departments
    and build relationships – don’t forget to also include your boss. A little schmoozing
    can go along way. 

  • Do leave your phone aside for the night, nothing says I’m bored and don’t want
    to be here more than your head buried in a mobile phone. 
  • Don’t talk about work – nobody wants to talk shop. Your colleagues may use it 
    as a crutch but be brave and change the subject. 
  •  Don’t be the one to pull out a camera and document the entire night on 
     Facebook, no one will thank you for it.
  • Don’t be negative. The party has been arranged at your company’s expense 
    for your benefit and has probably been organised by one of your colleagues.
    Be positive, remember to thank those who organised the night and your boss.
  • Most importantly Don’t be the reminderer, the one hiding in the long grass
    soaking up the antics to relay to everyone the following day – what goes on
    tour stays on tour.
  • Don’t gossip about co-workers, you are bound to get caught! have a handy Christmas guide to help you through the festive party season. Great tips and information. Have a great Christmas!