How To Create Your Very Own Family Photo


So you love family photos but you don’t want the expense of paying a professional photographer? Well we have a few tips to help you take some great family photos at home. If you have a decent camera or an SLR camera but don’t have a lighting set up, these tips will be perfect for you. I have also thrown in a few examples of great photo ideas that can be achieved at home.


Tips For Taking Great Family Photos 



For me, lighting is the most important part of taking a photo at home. If you have great natural lighting flooding into your home take full advantage of it. Shoot your photo in the room that has the most natural light.

Also be aware of the time of day. Shoot your photos in the morning. Shooting a photo an hour before sunset is lovely for some outdoor photos. If I want to bounce light onto a person I will use a white sheet our white corriboard in the room to bounce the light on the persons face.

In the photo below, you can tell that the lighting in front and slightly to the left of these kids because their faces and the top of their heads are well lit.




Small Kids or Babies

Make sure your kids are well feed and are happy out before you start taking photos. If you want to take a photo of your newborn, feed them before the shoot and make sure they are lovely and warm. Whether they are awake or asleep you should get a great photo.




Plan, Plan & Plan 

Pinterest is great to help you with your plans for photos. It will help you plan your props, clothing, hats, how you want the pose to look. Consider asking another family or friend to help because it does make life easier when someone is helping to position everyone.



If you want to improve the contrast of your photo or change it to black and white but don’t have access to photoshop, give them to your local photo shop and they can do it for you.



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