The Wexford Opera Fireworks Display Is On Tonight!


Tonight thousands of people will flood Wexford town for the opening of the annual Wexford Opera Festival. Whilst I honestly have no interest in Opera, the opening display of Fireworks has been a date in my diary since early childhood.

For many little people this will be their first night watching the famous firework display. If you are like me you are on tender hooks…. In town at night, past bedtime, thousands of people, loud noises, the sky lighting up….. this could do horribly wrong. Have a read below of some tips to make your first fireworks experience goes smoothly. Don’t let them put you off, you have to start sometime.


Explain what will happen

Prepare your child for the loud noises and the crowds and the dark… little ones are not often out this late. Make it sound exciting and positive but be honest.


Do a little homework

Show your kids fireworks on Youtube so they know what to expect.


Feed them before you leave the house

When you’re hungry everything seems worse. Don’t rely on your child eating in a restaurant. Give them a proper dinner before you leave the house. They will be up later than normal so will be extra hungry.


Drown the sound

Sometimes the noise can be the most frightening part. Pop a bit of cotton wool or a set of ear plugs into your pocket in case of emergency. A hat can even take the edge of the noise.



Make them feel safe

Let your child sit in your arms or go down to their level so the feel safe and secure the crowds can be very overwhelming.



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