Video: Do you know how much your handbag is really worth?

How many times have you pulled in at the petrol station and left your handbag on the front seat of your car? I think we have all done it in the past. You just think, ‘ah, I’ll chance it, I can see my car from the shop window’. Just to be very clear, if you leave your bag on the front seat of your car and your car is burgled, your car insurance provider will not cover you. Your handbag may only protected on a policy if it is stored in a locked boot (please check you own policy booklet for details).

So, Rebecca and I recorded a video just to show you how much your handbag could be worth! When you think about it, your handbag and purse could be worth €50 and more! You carry your phone, personal details, makeup and jewellery. When you see how much the handbag in the video is worth, I don’t think you will ever leave your handbag on the front seat again!