Laura Prepares For Trip To Thailand To Work As Volunteer

building-housesAs a company we do our best to give back to charity and communities that need some support especially in our local areas. On this occasion Laura, one of our Personal Insurance Advisors has decided to spend three weeks of her annual leave helping to build much need homes in rural Thailand. This project is really important to Laura and she’s funding the entire trip herself.

Rural Thailand is still a developing country. There are tourist hotspots such as Bangkok that generate a lot of income but rural Thailand so different. Laura is participating in a project run by ‘DinDang Natural Builder Center’ which works with people living in Thailand that have little or no income.

The non-profit organisation works with volunteers to create sustainable living using the materials available to them i.e bamboo, stone etc. The mission is to teach locals to provide the necessities for themselves through housing and growing their own fruits, veg etc. so that even those with little money can survive. They provide volunteers with simple accommodation and meals daily for a fee.

This trip will be daunting and a lot of work for Laura but she is delighted to help people build better lives. We want to wish Laura the very best of luck with her voluntary trip. We are extremely proud of her and efforts to improve the lives of a number of different families. We will be supporting Laura throughout this trip and feel free to drop into any of our offices to support this cause.