The trailer looks amazing!

The original Beauty and the Beast was released in Ireland in 1992. Twenty Five years later they have recreated a live action film of this amazing childhood memory and I can’t wait to see it. The reviews are quite mixed but there is something lovely about meeting up with friends to relive our childhood memories. Beauty and the Beast was one of the first movies I seen in the cinema so I never get rid of the old video at home. 

The storyline is the one your already know, no surprise there!  Emma Watson definitely looks the part as Belle but it is quite hard to believe she’s an adult now after years on the Harry Potter set as Hermione Granger. The budget was apparently estimated at $160 million so I’m sure the attention to detail and special effects will be out of this world. If you want to buy your own tickets, you can purchase them here.

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image source: www.rotoscopers