We’ve Arrived At 2015, Now Where’s My Flying Car?


Lads, dust off the video, ‘Back To The Future Part II‘ has just become
some what more relevant. That’s right, Marty, Doc and Jennifer took the time
machine DeLorean straight into 2015. Back To The future Part II was
released in 1989 so I suppose 2015 seemed like years away at the time.
The director Robert Zemeckis didn’t intend on trying to predict the
future but in some cases his ideas weren’t too far from our reality.


What 2015 Was Like In ‘Back to The Future Part II’

In the film we see flying cars……I am certain we have no car insurance
policy that covers flying cars! But 3D movies, glasses (google glass) that
can be used to answer the phone and hover skateboards have all made
their way into 2015 in some shape or form.

Nike’s self lacing shoes appeared in the move and Nike maintain they
may have a self lacing shoe by the end of the year, how cool! We are
still a few years away from the instant pizza but I think we can live with that.


Here’s The Moment They Arrive in 2015 


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