Preparing For Back To School – Edel’s Experience

It’s August, and I hate thinking about ‘Back to School’ but it has to be done.
On the other hand, my daughter is really looking forward to heading back
to school. She’s going into fourth class this year so she is really looking forward
to seeing her friends and catching up. I work in the Kilkenny office five days a
week so it will be nice for her to get back into a routine and have fun.

I suppose I’m a little more relaxed about ‘back to school’ this year, I only started
getting organised this month. I do shop around to save money but I also let her
pick out her own shoes, schoolbag etc. (within reason)! I put together a few tips
to make the ‘Back to School’ transition a little easier for both parents and children.


Start a Routine Now

We were lucky enough to have a great summer. We spent a lot of time going on
day-trips, driving to the beach and having late BBQ’s so I wasn’t very strict on
her night time routine. Now, is an ideal time to re-introduce early nights. When
the new school year starts she will be in a great routine and in turn, it makes life
easier for me!


Car Share

Sharing the school run suits me down to the ground. Juggling work and the school
run can be hard but I’m lucky enough to have help to share the car journeys.
Finding someone the share the school run with you will also save you money on
petrol or diesel.


School Uniform

We have both tracksuit and school uniform in our school. The children mostly wear
the tracksuit which has the school crest but I still needed to pay for a new skirt,
shirts, jumper and shoes! As she rarely wear the formal uniform, I didn’t spend a
lot of money on them. I bought them in Dunnes and they are perfect!


New Teacher

If your child is moving to a classroom with a new teacher, it can be quite daunting
for them. I know my daughter is worried that her new teacher will be cross but
I know that won’t be the case. I keep re-assuring her that the teacher will be nice
and that the class will be fun. I think ‘change’ scares her more than anything else
so re-assurance is no harm.


Hopefully so of my tips and experience might help you over the next couple of
weeks. Best of luck to all parents sending their child to junior infants or first year
this Aug/Sept, I think you may be more nervous than the kids!