Fire Up The Barbie Without Setting The House On Fire


I hope you are enjoying the nice weather this week! I had a BBQ this week so I thought it was worth sharing some valuable BBQ safety tips with you. As claims advisor, house fire claims are awful experience for the customers. It can take a long time to get your house back to normal and get the smell of smoke out.

Here are a few BBQ tips to ensure you stay safe this summer.

Choose BBQ Location

Don’t place the BBQ near the house, decking or in an area with overhanging leaves or trees. Ensure the BBQ is away from the children’s play area.



Please don’t use petrol or any other form of accelerants to get the BBQ going. I don’t need to tell you the horror stories about using these on BBQs. Take your time and enjoy the day!


Grease & Fat

Don’t let grease and fat build up on the BBQ. Not only can it catch fire, it could ruin the taste of your burger!


Long Handled Tools

Invest in a few BBQ utensils. Using the long handed tools will help you avoid burns and blisters.