Take time to relax and enjoy the moment

So most of us women (many of us mammy’s) are guilty of getting caught up in the hustle & bustle of our busy lives. If we aren’t scooting the kids into the car for the school run, we are up to our eyes in work let it be outside or inside our homes. Because of this we often forget to enjoy the little things as we put everyone else ahead of ourselves (mammy instincts) and we definitely forget to treat ourselves. Ladies it is sooo important to remember that we NEED to treat ourselves ever now and again on all types of budgets because we deserve it and it will help us feel a sense of rejuvenation! Check my fave ways to treat yo’self…

#1 Mediate (relax or chill etc.)

Giving yourself some quality ‘me’ time is a cheap but great way to treat yourself! When I say mediate it can literally just be relaxing for 10-15 mins in a quiet area with an aroma diffuser and some chilled music. Just do whatever fits your idea of ‘me’ time.

#2 Splash some cash on a massage

Relieve yourself of some stress with a massage as they are said to decrease stress hormones. A massage may just give your mood and well being that lift you deserve. If you have a little bit more money to spare indulge yourself in a spa day to re-stimulate yourself both physically and mentally. Maybe even make it a girls day out, check out groupon for some great value deals!

#3 Purchase something on your wishlist

If your fave online brand or shop wishlist is as long as your toilet roll in the bathroom (my asos wishlist feels like that for me…) buy one or maybe two things as a present to you for all the hard work you do on a daily basis!

#4 Bath, facemask and glass of bubbles!

Why not treat yo’self to a steaming hot bath, a lush facemask and some bubbles (and I mean the alcoholic bubbles ladies). What better way to give yourself some TLC than this trio and allow yourself to drift away into total relaxation mode. This can be done cheaply so no excuses ladies. For example Aldi’s prosecco is budget friendly and yummy <3

#5 Beautify yourself

Most of us ladies are suckers for a little bit of pampering. If this appeals to you, treat yourself to a pedicure, a new hairstyle or the likes. Choose the type of pampering that makes you feel womanly and puts a smile on your face.
As Heidi Klum would say ladies..
“You have to treat yourself every once a while, get to the good stuff”


Image source: http://www.themoviethemesong.com/