The Leaving Certificate starts today. For many teenagers they have been working towards this day for the last six years. It is the most important exam they have ever taken. People are talking about it on the TV, in the Papers. It is a big deal and with it comes a very stressful few weeks for the whole house. Check out our tips of what parents can do to ease the stress of the Leaving Certificate.


1. Drop & Collect

This may sound like a simple one, but it can make all the difference. If possible clear your diary so you can drive your child to and from school each day. It removes any stress of relying on public transport, usually cuts down the time going to and from school and also gives you a wonderful opportunity to hear how the day went.

2. Fuel the mind

Good food is essential during exams. Ensure that everyone stays well fueled and hydrated. A good breakfast packed full of protein is a great start to the day. Send your child with a hot lunch if possible and cook their favorite healthy meals for the week.

3. Fresh Air & Exercise

This is a difficult one as every teenager’s sense of a break involves some sort of screen and putting their feet up. If you can coax them, a walk or even a kick around the garden will be so much more beneficial. None of us look forward to exercising but we all feel so much better after it. Offer to go with them or send them packing with their Ipod.

4. Park Everything Else

For most teenagers they have been working towards this day for the last 6 years. It is a big deal. Take the time to just be there if they need you. Park evening activities for other kids, skip the gym. Just be there to drop in a glass of water, run a bath for them, or make a snack.

5. Sleep

Encourage an early night policy. Exams are very stressful and tiring. There is the temptation to study all night but sleep is as important in retaining information as learning. When you’re rested and fresh your ability to draw on previously learned information is considerably higher.

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