It’s The Little Things That Make All The Difference


I hope you entered our Famous Pancake Facebook competition, everyone at home will enjoy this hamper! When we were deciding what to put in the hamper we argued over ready-made pancake batter or the tradition ingredients to make it the old fashioned way. It left us talking about all the little family traditions that we want to pass on to our kids. Some a little funnier that others but they are really important to us.


Making The Pancake Batter

Ok, so my mam makes chunky small pancakes. As kids we always had loads of mini pancakes and they we so tasty. I haven’t mastered making thick batter but it’s definitely something that I want to pass on to my kids so I better ask her to show me how to do it!


The Sunday Drive

Nowadays all we hear is ‘I want, I want, I want’ from our kids. What happened to the old tradition of jumping into the car on a Sunday with the whole family and getting a pound each to buy something nice! 5p crisps, penny sweets and a bottle of cadet. Winner winner chicken dinner! I want to keep that tradition alive, although I haven’t seen a woppa or a bottle of cadet in a long time!



Christmas is such a special time for families. New pyjamas were an essential part of the Christmas Eve festivities in Laura’s house so that is really important tradition she wants to keep up for her kids. There is nothing cuter than matching Pyjamas!


The Late Late Toyshow 

The Late Late Toyshow is such an important part of our childhood! We grew up with Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny and now Tubs! The Toyshow is a great reason to get the family together. Lots of sweets, pyjamas and a lovely fire, this is one our favourite times of the year.



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