We can’t believe how much we actually spend!

It’s easy to budget for the cost of your holiday, but the true cost of travel is more than your flights and hotel. When I considered all of the ancillary costs of going away it was rather frightening. Check out below our top five hidden costs of holidays.



Beware when booking your trip most of the airlines are quoting great deals on flights but charge extra to check in a bag. Aerlingus or Ryanair may charge on average €50 EACH WAY to check in a bag! That’s €100 you didn’t plan on spending!


The obligatory trip to Penney’s

We are all guilty of this. I cannot get in the car to go on holidays without first spending at least €70 in Penney’s on “Stuff” I think I might need, new underwear, socks, that kaftan I had to have, a 6th pair of flip flops! So that’s another €70-€100 euro.



So when we are at home surrounded by people we know, we are perfectly happy to walk around with hairy legs, un-manicured nails, regular coloured eyelashes and grey roots. If we are going away to a country where we no nobody it is customary to spend up to €120 getting waxed, tinted and painted to impress the people we are never going to see again! That’s another €120.


The Airport

From the time you get into your car and leave your house to the time you board your plane costs can cost anywhere between €100 to €200. Diesel €20, Car Parking €80, lunch in the airport €20, obligatory trip to the Loop where you stock up on all your perfume and cosmetics at least €100! Totally Approx: €220




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