You probably have some of these in your house

Rice cakes are a great snack for kids and adults alike. They are low in fat and sugar and most brands are gluten free. There are always rice cakes in our house and indeed in the office. At our morning break rice cakes are really popular but people don’t seem to be very creative with their toppings. I put together a few different options that I think your family will love. Rice cakes aren’t a great snack to give kids in the car because they end up half licked and stuck to the floor! 

Below are some of our favourite toppings:


Peanut butter and apple

Don’t knock it until you try it. It looks a bit bizarre but the mixture of nutty and sweet is really satisfying for the 3pm slum and will carry you through to home time without visiting the vending machine.


Hummus , cherry tomato and ham

This is a great lunch idea when you have nothing in the house! It’s tasty, filling and a good mix of carbs and protein. You can easily bring enough for two days which is always a bonus.


Almond butter & Cacao Chips

This one is for the super healthy who need a chocolate hit. The mixture of almond butter and cacao chips resemble chocolate quite well and it’s filling.


Plain Old Butter

One of my favourite things and the kid’s favourite things on rice cakes is Kerrygold butter. Generously spread with or without a scrap of sugar free jam is simply delicious.